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Enterprise Introduction

Zodiac Medical was created with the main goal of helping aesthetic and medical businesses prosper. We design and manufacture superior quality machines and provide numerous cost-effective options that help small and large businesses realize more profit.

With over 20 years of medical and aesthetic experience, the founders realized that as aesthetic companies flourished, many of them failed due to the high cost of equipment, repairs, and warranties. These misfortunes crippled small businesses and made it nearly impossible to compete with their larger counterparts.

Zodiac Medical has vowed to partner with your business through offering cutting edge technology, outstanding customer service, and a 2-year standard warranty on all equipment. The success of your business will be the center of our focus.

About Zodiac Medical.

High Quality After-Sales Service

Zodiac Medical provides customer support by using advanced technology and humanized service standards. We establish strategic alliances, integrate resources, and constantly push through the old and bring forth the new to provide diversified services to meet customer needs.

We offer a 24 hour customer care response time, equipment loaners, quick repairs at a fraction of the cost of other companies and replacement equipment at little to no cost.

Cutting Edge Technology

Zodiac Medical strives to manufacture high quality machines while implementing the latest aesthetic treatments that are in high demand for your customers.

After 10 years of development, the medical and aesthetic industry has risen through rapid improvement, fundamentally changing people's beauty perception. It has produced revolutionary significance and breakthrough to become the new fashion beauty concept and lifestyle.

An increasing number of customers in the industry are using various non-surgical medical means to treat skin resurfacing, muscle building and laser hair removal.

Membership Benefits

Our monthly subscription model allows our partners the chance to upgrade, purchase, or return their Zodiac Medical equipment whenever they choose.

Find out how you can join the most elite services built to help your business thrive.


All routine maintenance, wear and tear are covered. There is no need to purchase extended warranties.


Choose from our current models and always access equipment from the current or last model year.

No Commitments

You can cancel your subscription any time by returning the equipment.

Elite Concierge

Support to assist with questions, tips and much more.

Payment Options

Low monthly payments to ensure you maximize profits.


Use multiple machines when you want and when you need it.