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Zoe Pico

Tattoo Removal & Collagen Stimulation

Diode Laser

Breaks Down Melanin & Starts the Repair Mechanism

Picosecond laser breaks melanin and starts the repair mechanism at the same time. It can promotes collagen regeneration and proliferation.

Nevus Ota
Nevus of Ito
Age Spots
Small Tumors
Pigmentation after Inflammation
Coffee Spots
Seborhic Keratosis
Spotted Nevus

Features & Advantages

The Pico laser promotes collagen regeneration and skin rejuvination.

Strong Performance

7 joints for 360 treatment without any dead angles.

Low Heat Damage

Combined Q-switch, Long Pulse and Quasi-LP Nd:YAG platform.

Less Side Effects

Nourish the skin with intense moisturizers.

Short Recovery

Address various degrees and depths of pigmented lesions and tattoos.

Diode Laser

Treatment Theory

With short pulse width 400ps, melanin granules are crushed immediately, causing less treatment sessions. Picosecond laser removes pigmentation and starts skin repairing mechanism and promotes collagen regeneration and skin rejuvenation. The absorption peek of melanin at 1064nm is much higher than ordinary Q-Switched laser which means the energy to work on normal skin is low. There are no sever wounds or thermal damage to the dermis after treatment.

Better Results
No Skin Damage
Pigmentation Removal
Single Pulse Energy


Laser Wavelength

532nm / 1064nm

Single Pulse Energy


Pulse Width


Spot Mode

High Uniform Spot

Spot Diameter




Power Supply

AC 110/220v 10%, 50hz - 60hz

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