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Bela Cryo Cooling System

Cryolipolysis & Cool Slimming

Bela Cryo Cooling System machine.
Fat Freeze

Reduce Fat and Cellulite with Non Invasive Fat Reduction

Freeze 4x the fat with 4 applicators to target areas of the body that have not responded to traditional diet and exercise.

Body Slimming
Fat Reduction
No Downtime
Body Contouring
Cool Slimming
No Down Time
Natural Fat Elimination
Promotes Metabolism

Features & Advantages

The process cools fat to a temperature that destroys it while leaving skin and other tissues unharmed.

Proven Technology

Losing weight doesn't always realize a more sculpted appearance—but fat reduction can reshape and contour your body.

Maximum Safety

Localized fat tissue treatment ensures maximum safety.

Cover More Tissue

NEW Innovation 360 touched cooling.100% effective cooling area, surrouding cooling action in entire applicator.

User Friendly

4 handle independent pressure control. The cooling and pressure controls independently allows for more comfort and safety.

Fat Freeze


This is Harvard University patent technology, frozen de-fatting lock temperature technology, getting -10 to +5°C under the skin, fat cells aging ahead of time and death. The fat cells in the treated area are gently dissolved through the body's normal metabolism process and then the dead cells in 1-3 months via lymphatic system.

Effective & Safe
Comfortable Treatment
Permanent Reduction
Bela Cryo Cooling System machine.


Power Supply Output


Handles Number


Vacuum Pressure


Treatment time

0-60mins adjustable

Cooling System

Water + Wind + Semiconductor

Cooling Temperature

-10℃ to 10℃


15”true color touch LCD display


Multi languages


110V / 220V

Package size

67*63*123CM 76*51*44CM

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